The Rescue Rangers in Paris

The sequel to The Rescue Rangers in London

An RR / All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 / Aristocats Crossover

PG rated

Paris - Christmas 1999

The Jumbo Jet from London had landed in the Charles De Gaulle Airport outside Paris, where Chip, Dale, Gadget, the dogs, and the villains were aboard.
Flash, Charlie, Thunderbolt, and Annabelle, who had Chip, Dale and Gadget on her back, rush out of the cargo room in the Jumbo Jet, and into the huge luggage room.
While the heroes was busy with finding a way out of the luggage room, did the airport guards take care of Fat Cat and his two men, who still was bounded.
Back in the luggage room, did Flash say to his friends 'I think that I finally have found a way out of here!'.
But some of the airport guards discovered the heroes, and as the heroes ran to the Metro, did Charlie say 'Now we're on the run again! We have to take the Metro, somewhere out of the city!', and then the heroes found a train to Gare Du Nord, where they changed train again.
The heroes ended up in the suburb Villejuif, that laid south from Paris, and as Gadget and her friends wandered down the street, along the noisy highway, did Annabelle say 'Now we only need a place to overnight!'
As the heroes took a rest in a little park, nearby a big supermarket, did they meet Thomas O'Malley and Duchess to their big surprise.
After Gadget had explained why they had ended up in Paris, did they follow the two cats to their home that lay in the middle of the Latin Quarter.
Later in the evening in Thomas and Duchess' home, that was a six floor high house, did the animals listen to a record.
The record was with Scat Cat Bands concerts from L'Opus Café and Le Petit Journal in Paris, and Thomas showed a photo album from the bands performances around the world.
While the others went asleep at midnight, did Thunderbolt and Annabelle sit on the rooftop of the house, and watched over Paris.
Then did the two lovers go out for a long walk in the quarter, and visited the café Le Tire Bouchon, where they met the drunken goose, and his two ladies.
As Thunderbolt and Annabelle was about to go home, did they meet the devil cat Red, who had transformed himself into an old dog, and Annabelle said 'Hi Red! What are you doing here?', and Red said 'I came to visit my old friend Fat Cat!'.
Annabelle asked 'How did you know?', and Red said 'Red knows everything, Red sees everything!'.
Then did the dog pair wander away to the nearby Metro without a word, and the Whippet whispered to Thunderbolt 'In reality, is Red the devil, my old arch enemy!'.
The day after, did Annabelle tell Charlie about Red, and Charlie said 'I knew he would come again, and haunt us! That monster is living down in a closed Metro tunnel near the Notre Dame church', and later on that evening, did the heroes take the train to Champs Elysées.
After Gadget and her friends had walked down a shopping arcade on Champs Elysées, did the heroes relax in a Quick fast food restaurant, where they all got some double printed, and big Quick balloons, that wasn't inflated, and then did they return to their quarter aboard a Bateux Parisiens riverboat.
Home at Duchess and Thomas O'Malley, did Gadget and Charlie blow all the eight balloons up as high as they could, and Gadget and Charlie played with the biggest of the red balloons, and thereafter, did the heroes watch Aristocats on DVD.
Later on that night, did Gadget and Chip take a walk along the harbour, and as the two cats enjoied the view over Paris' illuminated buildings, did Red surprise the two lovers, he took Gadget, and changed into a winged beast, and flew away with Gadget, as Chip ran away.
Chip ran back to Thomas and Duchess' house, awoke the others, and Dale said 'Come Chip! Let's take on our musketeer clothes, and free Gadget, there is no time to waste!', and Charlie said 'Now, we have to go to the Metro near Notre Dame!'.
As the heroes reached Red's home in the old Metro station, did Charlie whisper 'We have to stay careful!', and knocked on Red's door, Red, who was an old dog again, opened the door, and said 'Come inside, and don't be afraid! I have been waited for you in long time!'.
The door closed and locked automatically, and Chip asked 'Do you have other guests here?', and Red said 'Yes, I have a girl, I think you are missing!', and then did Red open a door into an old layer room, and as Chip saw Gadget, who was bounded, did Chip say 'Release her!'.
Red changed into a huge, and red devil cat, and Chip said 'Oh! He is worser than I thought!', but Annabelle defended the others by changing herself into a big and round sphere, and as the monster was about to take Chip, did Annabelle turn the monster into dust, by flying through the devil.
Chip freed Gadget, they kissed each other, Charlie said 'Let's get away from this horrible place!', and then did the heroes return home.
The day after, was it time for Chip, Dale, Gadget, and the dogs to go home to Chicago, and after the two squirrels, and Gadget had said goodbye to the two cats by the airport building, did they go into the building, and found their plane to Chicago.

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