The Rescue Rangers In London

The first part, of a two part fan fic

PG rated

London - Christmas 1999

Gadget, Chip, Chap, and Flash The Wonder Dog, had flown to London from Chicago, and there in London, did they overnight at the Commodore Hotel near Hyde Park and Kensington Garden.
Gadget and her friends spend their first day in London with visiting the famous German Sphepered Thunderbolt, that was Flash's brother.
'Beauty & The Beast - The Enchanched Christmas', was released on video, and Gadget, Chip, Chap, Thunderbolt, and his brother Flash came to the release party in 'Blockbuster'.
After the video was shown in the store, did Gadget and her friends return to Thunderbolt's home by Primrose Hill.
Gadget blew five yellow, and round 'Blockbuster' balloons up, and after the five friends had played with the balloons, did they watch the news on TV, where there was pictures from the release party in 'Blockbuster'.
But Fat Cat and his men was also in London, and they slept in Claridge Hotel, and as one of Fat Cat's men said 'I have bad news, boss!', and Fat Cat asked 'And it's not about the Rangers?', and the rat said 'It's worser than that! Flash and his family is here too!'.
Back in Thunderbolt's apartment, did Gadget say 'Hey listen up!', as the newsman said 'The famous Fat Cat and his men showed up at Annabel's nightclub here in London last night, as the nightclub owner, a Whippet with the same name, celebrated her birthday.'.
After news about Fat Cat, said Gadget 'We have to watch out for those baddies!', Thunderbolt said 'I think they are after me and Flash!'.
Chap said 'Don't worry about those guys! I can clearly remember how we saved Flash's TV career from Fat Cat, and we will do the same thing for you!'.
As the evening felt over London, did Gadget and Chip take a cruise to Greenwich, where they found a pub by the harbor, and after the pair had taken a bus to Picadilly Circus, did they stop in front of a TV screen, that stood in a music store.
The speaker in the TV said 'The famous TV dog Thunderbolt, who is married with the famous nightclub owner Annabelle, is kidnapped by Fat Cat and his gang!', and as Chip and Gadget rushed down to the Underground station, did they meet Chap and Flash.
Gadget said 'Thunderbolt has been kidnapped!', and Flash said 'That's why we we're looking after you! We have to go to Annabelle's nightclub right now! Annabelle and her friend Charlie Barkins will join us in our search!'.
Gadget and her friends entered the nightclub, where Fat Cat and his men had started a bar brawl, and then had the change to beat Thunderbolt down, and Annabelle, who stood by the bar, said 'We followed Fat Cat and his men down to the Underground!'.
Annabelle continued 'Fat Cat told us, he was taking the train to Stansted Airport, I hope they won't get too far away!', and Charlie said 'We have to follow them now, and free Thunderbolt!'.
The heroes took the train to the airport, and found Fat Cat and his gang members, who had cheaten them up in the freight room of a Jumbojet, who was flying to Paris, and Charlie was fighting with Fat Cat and his two men in the freight room.
Charlie, Chip and Chap got beaten the three villains down, but as the heroes tried to leave the freight room, did they hear the freight men coming, and Gadget whispered 'There is no escape this time! We have to hide, and be quiet, until the men has closed the gate!'.
Some minutes later, as the workers had left, and the Jumbojet began to fly against Paris, did the two squirrels tie the three villains in a rope, and Gadget said 'I hope they won't wake up, before we arrive in Paris!'.

The Rescue Rangers In Paris

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