Flash The Wonder Dog II

A Oliver & Company/ RR / Secret Of NIMH/Superman multi crossover

Guest stars: Bianca (The Rescuers) and Thunderbolt (101 Dalmatians II)

Strongly PG rated


Flash's parents had a prophecy about five villains with supernatural powers, who was fighting with Flash, The Rangers and Dodger and his dog gang in New York City.

Flash, and his friends fought with Fat Cat, Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul in a car factory in New York City, and the villains had defeated Flash with a kryptonite stone, and his friends was beaten out after the battle they had lost.

As Fat Cat, Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul got out of the building, where the rain and thunder started, was an army of cops getting out of their cars and tried to stop them.

But Fat Cat, Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul gathered their strengths to lift one of the cars up, and threw it up against the factory building.

Fat Cat, Brutus and Jenner were beating some of the cops out, while Lawhini and Nimnul blasted the other cops away with their telepathic forces.

Flash, The Rangers and Dodger and his dog gang tried to stop their arch enemies again after the final battle in Brooklyn, who nearly stood in ruins, but Flash and his friends who was seeking revenge after the villains had destroyed Flash's museum, was loosing the battle again.

New York City - The 25th December 1989

Fat Cat, Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul was held as prisoners in the jail for dangerous criminals, and they wanted revenge on Flash and his friends who sent them to jail after a battle in a junk yard in Bronx.

As one of the guards came into the cell with food, was Lawhini blowing the cop away with her telephatic blast, and the guard shouted 'Fat Cat and his men are getting away!'

Fat Cat and his men ran away from the jail, the guards ran after them, but Fat Cat and Lawhini gathered strength to throw the guards to the floor.

Bianca reported from the jail where Fat Cat, Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul had escaped, and she showed a description of the criminals.

Bianca said 'Fat Cat and his men escaped from this jail today, and beware, Fat Cat, Lawhini and Nimnul are dangerous criminals with supernatural powers!'

Bianca continued 'The criminals got aboard a train in Grand Central Terminal, and they has maybe escaped to Jenner's old building in New Jersey's closed industry quarters!'

The Rangers, Flash, Dodger, Einstein, Francis and Rita met in Grand Central Terminal's shopping arcade, and Flash said 'We have to take the next train to New Jersey's industry quarters and stop them before they escape to the other states, and fulfil the prophecy!'

As Flash opened the gate to the cold ship factory, was the heroes seeing old and dusty machines, that not was used in years, while the windows and doors was broken, and grafitti and spider webs was hanging everywhere.

Fat Cat caught Flash by surprise, and Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul came out from their hide behind one of the big machines.

Gadget tried to help Flash, but Lawhini threw her to the floor, Gadget came up again and fought Lawhini, while Monty got Fat Cat beaten out by giving him a punch.

Chip got blown away by Brutus' telepathic blast, but Dodger ran Brutus over, and he felt and stroke his head against the floor.

Nimnul ran away under the fight, and Flash said 'Nimnul ran away!' and Gadget said 'We have to get him later! Those baddies must be stopped first!'

Flash he grabbed Jenners cape, and Jenner he felt to the floor, while Francis he were beating Jenner out, and Einstein helped Gadget with defeating Lawhini.

Flash said 'We defeated Fat Cat and his men, but Nimnul ran away! Let's get out of here before they awake again, this is just the beginning before the final battle!'

Flash and his friends got away from the building, and as Fat Cat and his men awoke, was Fat Cat asking 'Where did the professor, and Flash and his side kicks go?' and Lawhini said 'That coward to the professor had maybe ran away to his laboratory!'

Lawhini continued 'Gadget and her team may have retreated to their quarter! I will fight them until the States are lying in ruins, and until the heroes won't be able to stand on their legs!'

London - The 26th December 1989

Thunderbolt had a dream about his friends who was in a fight with some supernatural villains, who had laid New York City in ruins.

Thunderbolt was running through the ruined city in a thunderstorm, and he would help his friends in the battle, but it was too late, as the heroes laid unconscious in Brooklyn, he saw in fast movements how Fat Cat and his men had defeated the heroes, and then he awoke.

A postcard was sent by Gadget, and Gadget wrote that she and her friends needed Thunderbolt's help to defeat Fat Cat, Lawhini, Brutus, Jenner and Nimnul.

Then was Thunderbolt taking to the airport later that night, and got aboard his private airplane, who flew him to John F. Kennedy Airport.

New York City

Thunderbolt got welcomed by Gadget and Flash in the airport, and as they got something to drink in one of the airport cafe's, was Thunderbolt talking about his dream.

Flash said 'The professor is the most important villain to stop, he gave Fat Cat and his friends the supernatural powers!'

The two dogs and the mouse took to The Rockefeller skating arena, and there was Gadget saying 'We can't fight the villains in this city, we need a place where there is few citizens, and we talked about the forest at the Niagara falls!'

Later on in the evening were both Flash and Tammy and Gadget and Chip taking a walk along Battery Park under the moonlight, and they were having plans about a double wedding in The Little Church around the Corner.

The Niagara falls

The next day was Flash, Gadget, Chip, Dale, Thunderbolt, Flash, Dodger, Rita, Einstein and Francis and the villains getting aboard a high speed Amtrak train to a station near The Niagra Falls.

In the meanwhile were Tammy, Foxglove and Zipper staying home in New York City, and they were taking care of the quarter.

Flash and his friends and the villains arrived in the Redwood forest in the evening, the sky was clear, and the moon and the stars was shining over the deserted forest, where the heroes and the villains met by an old and closed cabin.

Nimnul said 'Let me start the battle with showing you our new strengths!' and then was he making a tree falling down on the cabin, that got destroyed, and Thunderbolt said 'They are going to be dangerous in this battle, and we don't have the same strengths!'

Thunderbolt tried to attack Nimnul, but the dog got thrown up on a tree by Nimnul's telephatic attack, and the dog fainted, while Gadget tried to hold Nimnul down to the ground, but Jenner knocked Gadget out.

Suddenly was Lawhini gathering her strengths, and she lifted Nimnul, Jenner and Brutus up in the air, and threw them against the ruined cabin.

Nimnul, Jenner and Brutus got knocked out under the fall, and Lawhini said to Flash 'I had enough of that gang, and especially that mad scientist! You and your friends would not have a change to defeat us anyway!'

Flash said 'I would like to thank you for the help, we would had ended up like that cabin if you wasn't helping us!' and as Gadget awoke was she asking Lawhini 'Are you and your friends going to kill us all?'

Lawhini said to Gadget 'No! I defeated Nimnul and his men with my telephatic blast, I think that Nimnul went too far with his experiments! I won't join your gang, but I will show up at the times where you are facing a villain you can't beat!'

Lawhini continued 'I am your sister, I'm having my good sides, and I showed it today!' and Gadget said 'You are welcome, but I hope you keep on using your strengths the right way!'

New York City

Flash and Tammy, and Chip got married in The Little Church Around The Corner, and the party was held at Flash's home, where Thunderbolt, Tammy, Chip and Dale, Georgette, the blonde girl, Foxglove and Gadget blew hundreds of long, red and thick balloons up.

In the meanwhile was the others setting banners up, while Monty prepared the dinner, the girl played up to dance with her stereo, and the party ended first the next day.

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