Flash The Wonder Dog III

RR/Tale Spin/X Men multi crossover

PG rated

New York City – December 2001

Shere Khan and Don Karnage had stolen two small meteorite rocks from The Natural History Museum a late night, and the rocks gave the two villains supernatural strengths, and after the police had tried to stop the villains without luck, had Shere Khan and Don escaped to the airport.

The North Pole

The next day was Flash flying to his base on The North Pole, and there was he getting inside the dome in the base, where he could trace super villains that had escaped.

The dog took place in a chair by a handheld computer, and the dog used a trackball to enter the password to the computer.

A simulated jet flight from the super dogs base to USA got shown on the huge screen on the dome, and as Flash found something about the stolen rocks that was stolen from the museum in New York City was his search continuing.

Flash he was finding the trace of the villains, and they had taken to Paris, where they had went to a hotel by Montmatre.

New York City

As Flash went back to The Rangers headquarter, was Flash saying ‘Shere Khan and Don flew to Paris, so we have to go to Paris today!’

Flash continued ‘I read that Don can set things aflame or explode without touching anything, while Shere Khan can twist iron, so they won’t be easy to defeat!’

Later on that day was Flash and Zipper flying to Paris with Gadget, Chip, Dale and Monty beside them in their Ranger Plane.


Flash and his friends arrived in Montmatre late in the evening, and then were Flash and his friends finding a hotel beside the church.

Early the next morning was Flash, Chip, Dale, Gadget, Zipper and Monty starting their search in the quarter, and as they went down in the Metro station, was they seeing a wrecked train, and the police and the medics was busy.

The police officer said to Flash ‘I am happy to see you here! The super villains Shere Khan and Don Karnage had wrecked this train, you and your friends are the only one who can stop them now!’

The police officer he continued ‘Shere Khan and Don escaped, and they were taking another train to La Defense!’

The heroes flew to La Defense, and as they landed in the apartment quarter, was Flash saying ‘Nobody knows where they went, so I have to use my super hearing!’

Flash heard Shere Khan and Don in the shopping mall Les 4 Temps nearby, and Flash said ‘They are in the shopping mall!’

The heroes took to the mall, and as they got inside the building, was Flash saying ‘I can hear the villains in a bank!’

As the heroes came to the bank, stole the villains from the cash register, but they ran away as they saw the heroes, and the two villains ran to an elevator, and as Flash, Zipper and the villains came inside the elevator, and the door closed, was Gadget saying ‘We have to run to the parking cellar!’

Gadget, Chip, Dale and Monty ran down to the parking cellar, and as they found the elevator, was the villains out of sight, and as they saw the dog and Zipper who laid unconscious on the floor, said Gadget ‘Oh no! They were too strong for Flash!’

As Flash and Zipper was awaking, asked Flash ‘What happened to the villains?’ and Gadget said ‘They ran away, but I think we all are so exhausted, that we have to catch Shere Khan and Don later on!’

The police, the parking guards and the press surrounded the heroes, and Flash said ‘I tried to hold Don and Shere Khan back, but they knocked me out!’

After the heroes had explained their unsuccessful fight against the super criminals, was they taking the train back to their hotel, and after Flash and his friends had taken a rest, was Gadget turning on the television.

The press and the people were disappointed with the heroes, and one of the reporters said ‘The super villains Don Karnage and Shere Khan are wanted all over the world for robberies, assaults and kidnapping!

The reporter continued ‘Don and Shere Khan are last seen in the Gare Du Nord Station, where they had found their secret hideout! Will The Rangers and Flash ever stop those super villains, or will they loose their battle again?’

After the heroes had watched the news, did they talk about the final fight up against Don and Shere Khan.

Flash and The Rangers took the train to The Triumph Arc early in the evening, and they got dinner in the restaurant Hippotamus, where Flash, Gadget, Chip and Dale and Zipper got a round helium balloon on a string each.

After the dinner was the six friends taking a walk down on Champs Elysées, where they watched the illuminated store windows, and thereafter was the heroes taking back to their hotel.

While Flash and his friends was sleeping, had Flash a dream about the times when he got teased for his super powers on his home planet.

Flash dreamt also about the first times when he caught a criminal in New York City, and his first meeting with Thunderbolt under his missions in London.

Two millenniums later was The Rangers, Flash and Thunderbolt trying to fight Shere Khan, Don Karnage, Nimnul, Lawhini and Fat Cat in a underground city on Mars, and after a fight where Flash was alone in the fight at last, was he defeating the villains with his super strength.

In the meanwhile was Gadget having a nightmare about the times she got teased by the kids in New York City, until she became a famous scientist, and she were dreaming about their childhood where she had a happy family on Hawaii.

It lasted until her sister Lawhini made her first crimes, and at last in Gadget’s dream was she running after Lawhini after she had stolen money from a deli in New York City, and in flashes was Gadget seeing memories from their good childhood relations.

As Gadget awoke and was crying, was Chip comforting her, and Gadget told about her nightmare, and Chip said ‘Do not worry Gadget! I know she is an evil sister, but one day will you maybe gather with her again, and she will show her good sides!’

The day after was Flash and his friends taking to the Gare Du Nord station, and they met with Shere Khan and Don Karnage in a closed freight terminal by the station.

Shere Khan said ‘Thanked being the meteorite rock, are we having our super natural powers!’ and destroyed the iron gates in the building, while Don blew a container with broken train parts up.

As Monty, Chip and Dale attacked Shere Khan, was Gadget and Flash fighting Don, and Flash blew Don to the floor with his super blow, but he came quickly up again, and Don made a tank explode that stood near Chip and Dale, who got blown to the ground, and fainted.

Monty punched Don out, and Shere Khan said ‘I will fight with you to the end of the world, no matter if Paris is going to lay in ruins under our fight!’

Shere Khan ran out of the building, while Flash ran after him, and as Shere Khan gathered his force to destroy the terminal, was Monty and Gadget taking the two unconscious chipmunks out of the terminal, where every iron parts inside the building got destroyed or twisted.

The freight terminal collapsed, and Flash and Shere Khan went in a fight with each other in the ruins, and as Shere Khan got beaten the dog to the ground, was he holding Flash down, while he tried to gather power to attack the Gare Du Nord passenger terminal.

But Monty and Gadget ran over to help Flash, and he took a broken pipe from the ruins and knocked Shere Khan out, while Flash and Gadget held the villain.

Flash said ‘It was very close! Thanked being you had we finally won over the two villains!’ and Monty said ‘Don is still lying buried in the ruins, but I think he survives!’

Soon was Chip and Dale awaking, as an army of police and fire cars arrived at the ruins of the freight terminal, and the police officer said to Flash ‘Everybody is proud that you and your friends had stopped the two criminals, Paris would had been destroyed without your help!’

After the super dog and his heroes had talked with the press, was The Rangers taking back to their hotel, while the two super villains got transported to a jail for dangerous villains in New York City.

The next morning was Flash, Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty and Zipper flying back to New York City, and as they arrived in New York City later that night was the heroes watching the news on the television about their defeating of Don and Shere Khan.

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