WARNING: The author NeoBat's stories are rated "R" because of violence and if you don't feel comfortable with "R" rated stories you have now been warned!


NEWS 12/3 2007:

Added a story triology by Flash (also known as: Gwendolyn Katsche and Thunderbolt). Amazingly enough he actually e-mailed the stories to me, I must say that that was quite unexpected! I did take some time with putting them online of course, but here they are now, ripe and ready to be read!
Also changed the header for this page. Can't believe it has said 'Sections' for years.

NEWS 12/2 2007:

Another small update.
I've this time made sure that all links point to the right place. There were fifty or so that was wrong before, ugg. Took ages to fix.
On the upside you've also recieved the final chapters in Lonehearts story series Gadget in Chains! If you haven't read it yet head over there, I added 15 chapters I believe.

NEWS 10/2 2007:

Wait, what? The links work again? Oh, my, God!
This, this is unbelieveable! What have happened here? Well, actually it's just me who have figured that the years which have passed have made some changes to my web host. I'm no longer limited to 10 Mb of space, but now has a whopping 3 Gb! I think, might be 10. I'm not sure since for the longest time the information E-mails never got to me so I'll probably have to give them a support call. Either way this means I've got way more space than I had all those years ago when the website was made. Pretty amazing come to think of it.

Anyway. Because of this the website is now fully functional again, though with Winston having put up the RR Database I don't know how much good it does! Still, there's probably some stories here that you visitors might not have seen before, let's hope so at least since it is a pretty good sized archive! At least in my opinion.
In the future I might update this website some more, but I can't say I'm sure of that. Still, seeing as I now has a full website without banners it might just be enough to exite me into working with it! Only the future will tell, so until then, have a good time reading the many excellent stories you can find here!


NEWS 16/8) (2004. I think. Can't remember):

Fantastic! Welcome to the new page, all banner and commersial is gone now and it didn't take half as long as I expected it would. Hopefully this page will see a bright future now that this has happened :D.


NEWS 15/8) (2004. I think. Can't remember):

Ah to think that nearly a year has passed since my last update, I must say that time is passing suprisingly much faster than I had expected it to, but I guess that just proves that I'm having a lot of fun don't it? Anyway I've made a small amount of updates today, added stories to several of the authors here on the page and I'll list them shortly. I won't write one of my giant update messages though, I don't have time at the moment as it's already 5 am :).

There are some good news though. I've been looking more into getting rid of those pesky banners and such on my page and I think it's doable in not all to long, we'll see what happens but I know I'll do my best to rid myself off them, I think I'll call Spray actually and ask... Much simpler than trying to get info from the comp.

Anyway the updated autors are CD, Kevin Sharbaugh, Morgan Kohl, Rachel, Ronnie Rabbit and Winston. Look through them if you haven't read their latest stories, and now I have to go to bed ^-^.

And once again I beg you to mail me and tell you how I'm doing with this site. I love getting constructive criticism so if there is something you don't like or you find an error on the page, mail me! And if you are an author, know that you don't have to wait for me to ask you if I may put your stories up, you can ask as well! If you are shy I can always put you up in the "Anonymous" section and forward any comments on your story/stories.

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