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Here I'm archiving all old news. If you've missed something you just have to go back here and read it.


NEWS 27/11) :

Greetings! After a very, very long time I have finally updated my website. Now what is the reason that I'm so late on all this? To tell the truth it's mostly since I've been really, really lazy lately... I haven't got much of anything done... And then I don't only mean here. Anyway... Let's go over to the real update.
Did you notice the really large error on this page? That was here for more than four months? That was a test (yeah right...) to see how many would notice it. And guess how many told me about it? Not a single person did! Oh well... I guess that that was a superficial thing anyway so I deleted that part of the page. So... The first hosted author that'll notices what has disappeared and mails me about it may request nearly anything they want for their section. Does it sound good? But let's get over to what is new:
There's been several mayor changes this time. The first big thing is that I have finally created a message board. Before all of you shouts "heathen" to me because I created a message board to compete with the Acorn Café I have to tell you that this message board is mainly created to give comments and such for the different authors and a place to get relieved of the PG limit. The harsher swear words gets automatically censored though.
I've been quite busy even if it weren't with an update and also have created two more chat rooms! So forget about the old and crappy Bravenet chat and instead go to the new and improved chat! The chat in question is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat so if you're familiar with an IRC client (For example mIRC (Check for info on how to find the chat on the new message board.)
But let's finally get over to the real update shall we?
Audience: YES!!
Thought you would think so ^_^.
First on the list comes one of the authors I promised about last time. The author in question is 8-Bit Stars and oh lala has he been busy! Several new stories has been added so check, check, check ^_^. Sadly it seems that this rangerphiles interest in CDRR has been fading lately and the new ruling on the café had made him stop coming there... Let's just hope that he won't forget us and come visit from time to time =).
Let's see who comes next shall we? *ruffling through some papers* Ah it seems to be a new one! Alice Shade from the Ukraine has written a very interesting short story about unusual interests that the individual Rangers might have. Definitely worth a look in my own opinion so hurry over and check it out!
Ah the funny Chip Chap is next! He's added another part to his "The Rescue Rangers Word Game!" it's up to three parts now and we all hope for more from you Chip Chap ^_^.
And oh my! Another new author! This time it's Drake that has showed us the beginning of his fanfic named, well it doesn't have a name yet but he wants suggestions so pop him an E-mail ^_^. It's based on Neo Bats stories but a bit less violent so any who liked those characters are bound to like this well written story.
And, what's this! I can't believe it! One of the vets has returned from a long hiatus and he has given me permission to move his old fanfic from the 'No Contact' section to the 'Allowed' section. He's currently working on rewriting the whole story so let's hope for an update from Eric Spurling (a.k.a. Damon Togarth) within too long!
Now the next author in the pile is Foxhound with even more chapters to his exiting 'The Art of Magic" story. I can't wait to see the rest FH so keep up the good work ;).
Next up is Indy and Chris Silva and, no I won't even tell you what's new at their section so that you're forced to check for yourself =P. *quiet whisper* You think they bought it? They don't suspect that I've forgotten what I updated the page with? */quiet whisper*
Aaaaaand here is the now famous Jareth! This busy Rangephile has finished his story 'The Return of Winifred" and it's been talked about quite a bit in the community! Go and read it now if you haven't already.
Onwards and downwards we dig. And the next author we find is KS, Kevin Sharbaugh, who has just finished another excelent and funny, yet serious, story. The story's called "The Wandering Feather" and the last chapters is now added here! Once again I tell all of you to check out a great story so follow my advise and you won't miss the hilarious Snoop! (Though I still like Drywall better =P)
Next in line we have Loneheart with *gulp* "The last Will and Testament of Chip Maplewood". Get over there and check what's wrong with Chip and do it now! I also added some more parts of his 'Gadget in Chains' story.
*Off Stage* Chip: But there's nothing wrong with me?
Gadget: Golly. These fanfic authors sure are strange. */off stage*
Erm... Never mind that... Instead look over here! *points at a name* The exiting author Nicholas has written a short story with the byronic mouse Widget as the main part! Over and check or you won't know what you'll miss!
And next is another author I promised you. It's RedSwift and I feel pretty sad about all this... He's pretty much lost interest in CDRR it seems and might abandon the story. Maybe, maybe not but it'll be sad to see the only reason me and him is friends never get finished... And Red. If you're reading this bug me about answering your last E-mail will you? Since you have pretty much stopped coming to the chat it might do good to start our E-mail exchange again. But all you fans of his story don't loose hope just yet. There still might be an end to the story somewhere between the spider webs in that brain of his ;).
But let's get more cheery again shall we? The authors Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert that go under the name 'Proforce' has got yet another of their stories added and I implore you to check it out and give them an opinion about it =).
Next in the hole comes another new author! Everyone give a warm welcome to Rubber Chicken and his story "Dale & Foxy"! Let's hope for more from you as soon as possible Rubber!
The fifth new author of this update is Stitch and the stories he has posted on the café till now is just exceptionaly good! He made a parody concerning the new ruling at the café and for you that's got no idea what the story was about I'm in the process of archiving the whole thread concerning it. But for now all you have to do is ask in the chat, we'll be happy to enlighten you ^_^. (Or just check it for yourself here =P) The first story he posted is even better though so go to his section and check them out =D.

*Zanzibar suddenly sighs sadly at the next name on his list. Holding his head low he speaks again in a sad tone.* I wish I could present this author in a more happy tone but Talon Garnock a.k.a. Andy aka MOnty sadly isn't with us anymore and we will never be able to see the end of his exciting stories. But his memory will be honored by all who knew him and this website will continue to carry the beginnings of his stories.
But let's not dwell in the past but look at the presence and future instead. I'm sure he wouldn't want us to be sad about him for too long. The next author in the line is The J.A.M. and I've got to ask, how good are you at reading runes? I've added a couple of notes pages from his 'Death of a Comedian" in his section and his hand writing is nearly as bad as mine!
The final author to get an update this time is UrthQuake and his story "The Lost Ranges" which now has three chapters and oh my is it exiting! If these chapters don't send a tingle down your spine then you're one heck of a strange one! ;). Go over and read it now if you haven't already, you're bound to love it =D.

Let's see, let's see... Now what was it I was thinking about again... Ah yes that's right! I was going to tell you how many authors all that row was and then about the next update so I'd better start ^_^. There's been a change to 18 totally of the authors added here! Wow that's more than I thought ^_^. And of these 18 authors three were brand new and warmly welcomed =D.
As for the next update I'll try and have more stories and such added and I believe that CDs brand new story will be one of those ^_^. I also think I'll have Indy and Chris Silvas story "Cat's Don't Dance" added. Anyway... Using my 1337 hypnotic mind powers I force you all to check out what's new and what's not so hurry over and take a good look =D.

I feel really into this whole update thing at the moment so I'll give you a 'link of the update' too ^^. The link this update hasn't got anything with CDRR to do but it's one that all Furries should know about IMO. The link in question is about the game Furcadia! Furcadia is a Massive Multiplayer Online Social Role Playing Game (MMOSRPG) that's dependent on interactions between the players and once you're hooked on it then boy you're really hooked!
That said I want all of you to go and check it out! If you want to talk to anyone addicted to it then just join the chat ^_^. I've successfully got all the regulars addicted ;).

I think I'll begin dedicating this whole update tingy to people so who do I think should get the first update dedicated to him or her... Hmm... Well the answer struck me like lightning and it seems obvious to me =). This extremely fun to talk to girl has been a good company for me in the chat and on other places since she first came there. She's green clad and wears a sword that'd make Cloud Strife proud and her entrance on the café passed unnoticed.
if you haven't guessed who it is already I wish to dedicate this, my longest update ever, to the most lovely and evil bunny of them all! Many thanks for being there Evil Rabbit! (evil bunny on the cafe) And I'm sure also UQ think that this is a good choice =D.

And as my last words I urge you all over to the chat again! We want you in there so don't let the place stagnate ^_^. Let's hope my next update will come quicker so see you all some other time!

Zanzibar looks on as a messager comes in and hands him a paper. He reads it and then looks up again.
Well it seems like we're not finished after all! A sixth author has been added at the last moment and it's Rachel Helvey Gloess! Welcome back from your absense Rachel and I'm happy to be able to host this excelent fanfic "Caretakers" of yours! I think I've read it twice or trice already =). I wish you lots of happyness in your married life and that you'll be able to check in on what's happening more often :=). ^_^

NEWS (12/7) :

Am I early or late? That's hard to tell... Anyway, I'm still trying to understand how I shall get a forum to work and if it is even a smart thing to do considering my webspace... Well this is new for today: (Does anyone even bother to read this?..)
We begin with Chip Chap! I have added two new stories at this fellas section and that is "The Failed Tale of Robin Dale" and "The Rescue Ranger Word Game". Have fun reading!
After that we jump to Cyber Daimyo and he has made five parts of his all new "Rescue Rangers Celebrity Jeopardy Special". And I the not so holy maintainer of this cozy little website is making a fool of myself in part three! Check it out and laugh at my stupidity! (Anyone that want me to make his whole section in pink as revenge? One little E-mail at this address and I'll do it :D)
Number three is a word in this quote: "So long and thank's for all the fish."
Did you get it? If not the author is Fish and the quote came from "A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy". While I hasn't added the story itself, since it would take far to much of my webspace, I have made his name as a link until I get enough space to host the graphic novel itself.
Around the corner we will find Jareth and here I have added the latest two chapters of his story "The Return of Winifred". How will the rangers beat the almighty Winifred? Read it and you might get the answer =).
Who do I spy with my little eye? Well if it isn't Ronnie Rabbit! What may this bunny have here? A peak? A peak on what? Oh, I see! It's a story named Peak! Let's check it out shall we?
"Boo!!!" shouted Wayc as he jumped forward and scared Zanzibar.
"Wayc! Don't do that when I shall present you" said Zanzibar through clenched teeth.
"lol!!! You should have seen your face ^_^!!" a hysterically laughing Wayc says.
"Yeah, yeah... *grumble* immature *grumble* Anyway... Here we present Wayc and his fanfic "Under the Glider". (Just joking Wayc, no offense intended.)
Last in the allowed section is Winston and I have now added all parts of his new story "Dust and Ashes". Happy reading!

As a little surprise I have added three new authors to the not allowed section and that is Chris Sweeter, Eric Spurling (a.k.a. Damon Togarth) and T. Richard Williams. If you know a working E-mail to any of these three authors, please mail them and tell that I have added their stories to my website.

That's all for today! Have a good time until I update again!

NEWS (21/5) :

And here I am again! I know, I know... It's been more than one month and two weeks since my last update! It is so partly since I've been lazy, partly because I've had tons of test's in school but mostly since I've got to wrapped up in one web comic after another.
Well... Here it is anyway, not much but better than nothing.
Who hoo! I've got myself a new, nice and easy to remember web address! From now on you can always find me at! With this address I've also got a new E-mail address so if you want to contact me now it's you should use. Now, over to the author updates:
First up is CD and in his section I finished adding his new story "It's A Jungle Out There" and more chapters on "In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality".
After that comes Cyber Daimyo whom's E-mail I added.
Then comes a new author and that is Foxhound and the prologue of his story "The Art of Magic".
Now it's time for Jareth and in his section I have added chapter 20-25 of his story "The Return of Winifred".
Now, let's get over to Kevin (KS) Sharbaugh who has released chapter 11 of "The Wandering Feather". I always take time to read his stories and I recommend you to do it too.
Next up is Morgan Kohl and in his section I have added the story "A Conversation Between The Moon and The Sun".
Now we stop at another new author! It's Te'Targas time in the spotlight with "Lena phone home or 2010 A Rescue Ranger Tale"
And here Winston is coming forth with his new story "Dust and Ashes". While he has released the whole story I have only updated six until now. More later on. I have also added his short story "Long Shadows" that is based on his original character. Check it out!
The last author I have made an update to this time is Zipper with his "Dimensions of Change" that is now up in 9 chapters. That's on my website at least...

My next update hasn't got a date set but if you check in now and then you'll notice that I have made small updates with adding more chapters of a couple of stories and perhaps even more authors in the "no contact" section. But there will be one mayor different in my next large update and that is adding a forum for discussion of the different authors and such. I can't help if you discuss other things though...

Don't forget to check my chat room! I thank all of you that has made the place at least a little lively but remember, someone has to be the first one in there so don't log of only because you're alone at the moment. Someone's bound to get there eventually. This should be all for now, see you soon! (I hope)