The Rescuers In Paris

A Rescuers / Rescue Rangers / Aristocats / Hunchback of Notre Dame multi crossover

PG rated

Foreplay - New York City - 2002

Flash, the wonder dog, Foxglove, Bernard and Bianca was called to Paris on another mission, and the seagull Orville, the kangaroos Jake, Red and Faloo decided to join them on their mission, as Gadget was held as a prisoner in Paris' metro by the evil villain from Hunchback of Notre Dame 2.

Paris - 2002

As Flash, Foxglove, Bernard and Bianca arrived at the Charles De Gaulle airport outside Paris, did they got welcomed by Duchess and Thomas O'Malley the kittens, and their friends.
Thomas said 'Gadget is held captured down under the Bastille metro.', and Duchess said 'And the Skat Kat gang, Napoleon, Lafayette promised to help us, that evil man has a whole army to guard his place.'.
The animals took the train to the Bastille train station, the mouse Roqueford found a secret entrance, that led downward, and Bernard said 'Yak! I can smell the sewers! But it's the only way to save our friend!'.
After searching for a while, did the animals find the place where Gadget was held captured, but they got surprised by the villain and his army, that surrounded the animals, and the villain said 'So you found our hideout! If you want to see your little friend alive, don't resist!'.
Some of the men took Gadget out of the cage, and down in a boat, the villain got aboard the boat, and as the boat was out of sight, did Jake say 'They got away, but they won't be away too long!', and Red said 'We must make a plan to save Gadget!'.
Bernard said 'Me and Bernard is flying with Orville', Bianca said 'All you cats, and Roqueford must make traps, as Red, Faloo and Jake fights against the enemies', and Skat Kat said 'And Flash and Foxglove, you must both try to free Gadget!'.
As the animals came up from underground, did Bernard and Bianca fly with Orville, they returned quickly, and Bernard said 'They are soon reaching the Bois De Bologne forest, you all know what to do!'.
The men felt in the trap as planned, while the kangaroos fought the men, as Flash and Foxglove finally did free Gadget, that said 'Thank you for freeing me! Now let's get away from here!'.
The day after Gadget got freed, did Bernard and Bianca celebrate it was ten years ago they got married in the big Bercy hall, where the mice pair and Gadget sat up a video discoteque, and the party ended with a balloon drop with fifteen white and round giant balloons.

RR's - The Ten Years Anniversary '98

Gadget, Foxglove, Monty, Zip, Chip and Dale celebrated RR's ten years anniversary, with a weekend vacation in Walt Disney World, that lay in Orlando, Florida, and Gadget and her friends had flown from Chicago to Orlando with their balloon ship.
What wouldn't be more perfect to celebrate the anniversary on the days around new years eve in WDW?
The RR team started their first day in WDW with riding their favorite rollercoaster, Space Mountain together with Basil, and after the It's A Small World ride, where they was together with Dodger and Rita, they got dinner with Bernard and Bianca at the Disney Hotel, where they chose to overnight.
After staying up late at Pleasure Island, they took back to the hotel, and slept, and the next day, the day before New Years Eve, chose Gadget and her friends to take on a tour outside the park at the middle of the day.
Gadget and her friends visited Universal Studios, where Fievel and Tanya gave them company, the RR's got shown how the attractions worked, and after the RR's have relaxed in a nearby park, they got dinner in a Pizza Hut restaurant.
As the RR's got home to their hotel, glad but tired, Gadget, Chip, Chap and Foxglove blew up their balloons they got from the restaurants, and played with them, as Monty and Zip sat their pictures in a album, they have taken with their Polaroid camera, they bought in the town.
Finally, new years eve came, WDW looked like something from the Moulin Rouge movie, and the streets was very busy, noisy and crowded.
On the crowded dancefloor in Videopolis, did the little dragon Mushu from Mulan, and Foxglove dance together, as 'The Rockafeller Skank' got played, and they had felt in love at the first sight, Chip and Dale couldn't agree who should dance with Gadget.
That ended with that Chip and Dale came in a fight with each other, as usual, so Monty had to part them, and Monty found a good dance partner in the female mouse from Cinderella, and they danced slowly together to the sound of 'Casanova'.
The evening after, as Gadget and her friends had come over the party, they flew home to Chicago, after a well ended vacation, where Foxglove got a boyfriend, she was eager to meet again.

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