The Little Mer Mouse

G rated

Foreword: This is a modern RR / Secret Of NIMH version of Disney's The Little Mermaid, where Gadget is playing Ariel, and some of the characters from The Little Mermaid are kept. I have also based this fic upon a piece of fan art, that I had found on the internet.

Prince Chip and his crew sailed over the ocean aboard his royal cruise hip, and Prince Chip said 'It's great to feel the fresh sea breeze!', as Prince Chip's Uncle Monty said 'Ugh! The fresh sea breeze!'.
Chip asked his dad 'Isn't it here, that the mer mices live?', and Monty said 'Mer mices! You must be crazy my boy! They are just something from the fairy tales, that the old sea people tells about!'.
But under the sea, where the ship sailed by, laid King Ages' underwater city Atlantis, and it was the day, that the royal concert with King Ages' young daughter Ariel should be held, but she did not show up, and King Ages got mad, and shouted 'Ariel!'.
Ariel and Flounder was swimming around by an sunken ship, where they found treasures, and as Ariel asked Flounder, if they should explore the ship, did Flounder say 'There could be dangers inside!', and Ariel said 'Come on! There is no danger!'.
As Ariel found a fork, did a shark surprise them, Ariel and her friend got chased by the shark, but it felt in a trap, and Ariel and Flounder swam up to the little island, where the crazy seagull Scoulder lived.
Scoulder told his friends, that the thing she had found, was a thing to comb her hair with, and then the three friends played with Scoulder's huge and crystal clear beach ball, and as Scoulder told Ariel about singing, did Ariel say 'Oh no! I promised my dad to show up at the concert!'.
While Ariel and Flounder rushed home, did the evil sea witch Ursula follow them on her crystal ball, and she said 'Yes, rush home my girl! You should not disappoint King Ages!'.
Home in the castle, did Ariel and King Ages discuss about why Ariel came late, and as Ages heard about the seagull, did he say 'A seagull! It's the last time that I want to hear that you had been over the sea!'.
Ariel went crying away, and after Ages and Sebastian had discussed about Ariel, did Sebastian follow Ariel to her cave, where Ariel sang about her collection of treasures from the humans.
Sebastian crashed in under the end of the song, and Sebastian asked Ariel what Ages would think of her collection, but they got disturbed by a ship, who sailed by under a lot of strange noises.
Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder got near the ship, and as Ariel spied on the deck, did she see a lot of people, who danced to music, and suddenly, did Ariel fall for a chipmunk, who danced in his musketeer uniform.
Chip's dog Max discovered Ariel, and Scoulder breaked in, and he asked what the humans was doing, but Ariel told Scoulder to be quiet, as Uncle Monty should hold a speak.
Suddenly did a thunderstorm break up the party, and everybody aboard the ship got busy with fighting agaisnt the raging storm, and Max got overboard, Chip tried to save him, but he couldn't, so Ariel took Chip, and tried to get him over to the nearest shore.
The next day did Chip awake on the sunny shore, as Ariel sang for him, but Ariel and her friends had to get away, as Chip's uncle and Max came running, and took care of Chip, as Ariel sat on a rock and sang on, as Sebastian was worried for what King Ages would say!
Ursula and her two sidekicks Flotsam and Jetsam, saw how Ariel felt in love with the human, and it made Ursula think about a new evil plan, so she should could conquer Atlantis.
The next morning did Ariel sing and dance around in the castle, and her sisters thought she was in love with someone, but they didn't know who it was.
As Ariel thought about Chip, was Sebastian very nervous, and he told Ariel to stay away from land, and then he sang 'Under The Sea', while hundred of fishes and turtles danced around him.
Ariel and Flounder rushed away under the song, and as Sebastian got alone, did one of King Ages waiters contact Sebastian, and the waiter said 'Your majesty wants to talk with you about Ariel!', and as Sebastian told King Ages about Chip, did he get angry, and said 'I'm going to have a word with Ariel!'.
Ariel and Flounder, who talked about the statue of Chip in Ariel's cave, got surprised by King Ages, that said 'Those men are dangerous!', and Ariel said 'Father, listen to me! I'm in love with Chip!', and King Ages lost his temper, and destroyed nearly every object in Ariel's cave with his three fork.
King Ages felt sorry, as she saw her daughter cry, as the statue got destroyed, and he left the cave without a word.
Flotsam and Jetsam came by and eased the girl by telling her, that Ursula would help her with falling in love with Chip, and Sebastian said 'You don't know what these guys are up to!', but Ariel followed Flotsam and Jetsam, as Flounder and Sebastian decided to take with them.
As Ariel met Ursula, did Ursula tell how she could live with her prince, and be a real mouse, did Ariel got afraid, as Ursula said 'But you have to kiss the prince, before the sun sets on the third day, and thereafter you become a mer mouse again!'.
Ursula continued 'We have to make a deal, I take your voice, as you become a human!', then did Ursula sing about her poor creatures, that failed to serve her the right way.
After Ursula had taken Ariel's beautiful voice with the use of her magic, did Ariel get transformed into a mouse, as she wished, and Ariel's friends had to get Ariel up to the shore, as quick as possible.
Ariel and her friends awoke on the shore, and as Sebastian saw Ariel with her two legs, did he say 'This is not ending good! She can't even walk!', Flounder came by, and he gave Ariel some clothes.
Suddenly, did Chip and his dog show up, and Chip tried to talk with Ariel, that couldn't speak, and Chip said 'Let me take you home!'.
Monty's waiter Auntie Shrew took care of Ariel in Monty's mansion in Trinidad, and Auntie Shrew said 'We wonder how you found this girl, who came out of the blue!', and under the dinner, did Ariel show up in her new dress, and she got a place beside Chip.
While Ariel and her new friends got dinner, did Sebastian have the change to get away, but he ended in the kitchen by an accident, and there he met the cook Fat Cat, who actually served animals from the sea, as he sang 'Les Possion'.
Fat Cat discovered Sebastian, he tried to serve him for dinner, but Sebastian resisted, and then did a wild chase go through the kitchen, and after Sebastian got away, did Auntie Shrew shop up, and she shouted 'Fat Cat! What are you doing?!'.
Fat Cat said 'I, I was just preparing the dinner, and...', and then did Auntie Shrew leave the kitchen without a word.
Monthy said to Chip 'Why don't you show your new girlfriend the city?', and Chip said 'That sounds great!', and as Chip and Ariel had fun in Trinidad, did Flounder ask Sebastian 'Have they kissed each other?', and Sebastian said 'Not yet!'.
As King Ages haven't heard news about his lost daghter, did he feel broke after he had been so hard against his daughter.
Ariel and Prince Chip sailed out to a lagoon in Chip's boat, the seagull sang for the pair, but Sebastian showed up, and sang 'Kiss The Girl', as the prince and the mouse sailed into a cave, where the fishes, ducks and turtles sang and danced, as the flamingos played with a huge beach ball.
The fireflies flew around in the air, and red and heart shaped giant balloons felt around the pair, who was about to kiss each other, as Flotsam and Jetsam turned the boat around, so the pair ended in the water, and as Ursula saw that, did she get mad, and said 'Triton's daughter is going to be mine!'.
While Prince Chip played on his flute on a rock by the ocean, did he throw the flute away, as he thought he would find another lover, and there on the beach, did a strange girl with a beautiful amulet walk around and sing a song, while the light from the amulet did spellbind the prince.
The next morning did Scoulder awake Ariel and Sebastian, and told them, that it was the day where Ariel should get married with the prince, so Ariel took on her fine dress, combed her hair, and rushed down, but she got sad, as she saw Chip with another girl, that he had decided to get married with.
Ariel sat and cried on the beach at sunset, as she saw the wedding ship, who sailed to Florida, and as Scoulder saw the strange girl was Ursula in disguise, did he rush over to Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder, and told Sebastian that Prince Chip was about to marry Ursula.
Sebastian, Flounder and Scoulder helped Ariel over to the ship, and up on the deck, where the wedding ceremony got disturbed by the seagull and his friends, who attacked Ursula, and as the dog took Ursula's amulet, that got broke, did Ariel get her voice back, and Chip and Ariel got united again.
Ariel felt to the floor, as Chip was about to give her a kiss, Ariel got a mer mouse again, and Ursula got back to her normal self, as a storm began to rage.
Ursula took Ariel, and jumped down in the water, Chip followed them, and Ursula got stopped by King Ages, who forced Ursula to give his daughter back, but she showed Ages the contract, that showed that Ariel belonged to her, and transformed Ages into a little creature.
Ursula got wounded by Chip, who took Ariel, and swam quickly away, but Ursula got mad, and made herself bigger, as she laughed loudly, and shouted that she should take over the seas, and kill everybody who stood in her way.
But the chipmunk took the ship, sailed against Ursula, and killed the sea witch, by sticking the broken and sharp spear at the end of the ship through her, and all the poor creatures got transformed into happy sea people again.
Chip laid hardly wounded on the beach beside Ariel, that thought Chip would not survive, but King Ages came by and healed the princess.
Ariel said to his father 'I wish I would be a mouse again!', Ages was not glad for the wish, but he transformed her daughter into a real mouse anyway, and then did Ariel and Chip run over to each other, and gave each other a kiss.
Ariel and Chip got married aboard a new wedding ship, that also sailed to Florida, Sebastian defeated Fat Cat again, King Ages and his people greeted the pair, and the king made a rainbow, that shined over the decorated ship.

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