Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

The Little Big Adventure 2 / Rescue Rangers / Secret Of NIMH / Sonic The Hedgehog Sat AM multi crossover edition

The PG rated edition

Foreword: I have kept some of the original Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back characters, and as you can see, is it long time since I have seen TESB.
This is also the sequel to Chicago 2500.

Alaska - Long out in the future

Chip had landed in the wilderness, after he was about to fly back to his base on the back of his Dino Fly, as Chip got caught by a Traly, and got dragged down to the Traly's cave, where the Traly hanged Chip up in his legs.
In the meanwhile in the base, did Dale, Monty, Chewbacca C3PO, R2D2 and Sally wonder where Chip was, as he had been away in long time.
Monty took out in the wilderness with his own Dino Fly, where he searched for Chip, who was caught by the Traly, and as Chip was hanging over his light sword, did he have the change to throw it up to his left hand, by using the force.
Chip got his light sword, just as the Traly came close to him, so Chip turned his light sword on, killed the Traly, and freed himself.
Chip ran out from the cave, he tried to wander back to the base, he collapsed in the snow, but luckily did Monty save him.
After the doctor droid had taken care of Chip, and eased everyone with telling that he will be all right again, did Fat Cat and his army sneak up at the base.
Gadget and her friends was in the control room, as they saw Fat Cat's army on the radar, and Chip and his men got aboard their X Wings.
As the AT AT's stomped against the base, did the base get evacuated, and Dale and his friends ran aboard the Millenium Falcon.
The AT AT's was hard to defeat, but Chip destroyed one of the AT AT's, by shooting a string around the legs of the AT AT's, that felt to the ground and exploded.
After the AT AT's was destroyed, did Chip meet with his friends, that was about to fly home to their headquarter in Chicago, Chip said he would follow them, but he flew to another place.
Chip got problems with his X Wing, and Chip said to his droid 'We have to make an emergency landing in The Everglades! My engine is out of order!'.

The Everglades

The X Wing crash landed in the swamp in The Everglades, and as Chip got out of the engine, did he say 'Now we're really stuck! My X Wing is caught in the swamp, and we have no communication!'.
Suddenly, did the droid got caught by a long tentacle, the droid disappeared in the swamp, but the swamp monster spitted the droid out, and Chip said 'Luckily could the monster not like you! We have to find Mr. Ages, he is the only one who can help us here!'.
Chip found Mr. Ages' home at last, and Chip told Mr. Ages why he had come, and Mr. Ages told it was hard to become a Jedi, and thereafter, did Mr. Ages use his force to lift the X Wing.

Marina City, Chicago

Home in Chicago, was Dale, and his friends planning about going to Boston, where Justin lived, and Dale said 'I don't trust Justin! I can clearly remember him from our trip to Las Vegas!'.

The Everglades

Chip, who stood and balanced on his hands, tried to use his force by lifting the droid and a big rock, but he lost his concentration, and both the rock and the droid felt to the ground.
Mr. Ages said 'You have to use your concentrations!', and Chip said 'I had the feeling, that one of my friends will fall in a trap!'.
Mr. Ages continued 'Now you have to face one of your biggest fears! Walk over to the cave over there!', and as Chip wandered into the cave, did he meet an artificial intelligence version of Fat Cat.
Chip and Fat Cat turned their lightswords on, and came in a short fight, where Chip won over Fat Cat, and as Chip returned to Mr. Ages, did he ask Chip 'What did you meet?', and Chip said 'A big and dark force, in the shape of someone I know.'.
Chip said to Mr. Ages 'I have to take out and face Fat Cat!', and then did Mr. Ages tell Chip to be aware of the dark side.


Up in Fat Cat's modern skyscraper, did Fat Cat talk with The Emperor (From LBA2) on a TV screen, and The Emperor said 'Soon, we will have Chip on our side!'.
The Millenium Falcon arrived in Boston's airport at midnight, where Justin welcomed them, and took them to Fat Cat's building, but the golden droid felt in a trap, and he got torn in pieces by a bunch of Esmers, who worked in a factory near the airport building.
Chip had also arrived in Boston, and he sneaked around in Fat Cat's building, and tried to find Fat Cat.
Chewbacca found the golden droid, and that made him mad, and Chewbacca tried to collect the droid, but without luck.
After Justin had shown his friends around in the building, said Justin 'Let me take you to the cafe, you must be hungry my friends!', and as the gate to the cafe opened, was Fat Cat standing by the table, Monty tried to shoot at him, but Fat Cat was too quick, and he got away.
Gadget and her friends got caught by Fat Cat and his guards, they surrended, and Justin, who was wanted, got frozen down in a carbonite block.
Chewbacca tried to resist, but he got dragged away, and Monty said 'No Chewbacca! That doesn't help!'.
While Gadget and her friends was captured, did Chip meet Fat Cat on the last floor on the skyscraper, and then their fight started, where Chip and Fat Cat used their light swords and telepatic strenghts.
The fight ended on the top of the skyscraper, and Fat Cat said to Chip 'Join me and The Emperor!', and Chip shouted 'No!'.
Chip chose to jump out from the building, he grabbed a flag pole, and luckily, did The Millenium Falcon show up, and Chip got helped aboard the spaceship, and Sally took care of Chip, and Chip told about his fight against Fat Cat.

Marina City, Chicago

Back in Chicago, did Chip get his wounds cured, Gadget and her friends decided to take out and free Justin, while Chip had to face Fat Cat and The Emperor again.

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