Flash The Wonder Dog I

A Oliver & Company/RR/Super Man crossover

PG rated

Foreplay - New York City - Labor Day 2003


Flash had gathered the press in his museum on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and there was he telling them about his life from he was a pup, and till he became one of New York City's most famous super heroes.

Flash said 'I was born on Krypton, and the day that Krypton was about to go under, was I sent to Earth by my parents in a spaceship. ‘

Flash continued ‘As I left Krypton, was the planet exploding, and I flew against Earth, where I landed in New York City, where a blond girl found me at Coney Island a late summer evening.'

New York City - November 1989

Flash got taken to the blond girls home at Gramercy Park, and as the girl discovered the dogs supernatural powers, was she designing a Wonder Dog suit for her dog, and Flash saved people from disasters and criminals.

But Flash was also working as a clumsy reporter in a TV studio on Times Square with Chip, Dale, Gadget, Tammy, Monty, Foxglove and Zipper, and Tammy and Flash felt in love with each other.

Fat Cat and his men, Lawhini, and Professor Norton Nimnul, who became Flash's arch enemies, was some of New York City's most wanted criminals, and they knew that Flash's weakness was Kryptonite rocks, that Nimnul had hidden in his laboratory.

Flash he had his secret base on the South Pole that lied in cave, and there was he keeping his computers and his own laboratory.

The evening before Thanksgiving Day, was Chip, Dale, Gadget, Tammy, Monty, Foxglove and Zipper taking to the sneak preview of The Little Mermaid.

The movie it were shown in The Lincoln Center, and thereafter was they taking up to The Windows On The World in World Trade Center, where the celebrities they got a drink each.

Chip, Dale, Gadget, Tammy, Monty, Foxglove, Flash and Zipper was reporting from the Thanksgiving Day festival on Fifth Avenue, where Oliver and the dog gang starred in the parade.

Jenny and James watched the parade, while Flash's owner inflated Macy's helium balloons that she gave away to the crowd on the streets.

Later on that evening was Chip, Dale, Gadget, Tammy, Monty, Foxglove, Flash, the blond girl and Zipper watching the anniversary firework over The Statue of Liberty.

Thereafter was Flash and Tammy going to The Rainbow Grill in The Empire State Building, and after Flash and Tammy had shared a glass of soda in The Rainbow Grill, was they going home.

But as they crossed a backyard on Park Avenue, was they meeting a gang of homeless street dogs, and the leader said 'You are not welcome in our quarter! Get lost!'

One of the other dogs said 'I know you are friends with a cat and Dodger and his gangs, we tried to get that cat, but he ran away from us!'

Flash went in a fight with the wild dogs, and as Flash had defeated the dogs, was more dogs coming out of a ruined building near the backyard, Flash fought the dogs, but one of them was beating Flash out.

As Flash awoke, was he lying in the sewers under the ruined building, and Lawhini said 'I finally got you! My guards got you beaten down, and they delivered you to me! Nimnul took the Rangers to his laboratory on Roosevelt Island!'

Lahwini continued 'I am going to visit Nimnul, and he won't be easy to be defeat!' and then was Lawhini leaving the room, and locked the door.

But Lawhini was not knowing about Flash's X ray eyes, so he was cutting a hole in the door, and flew after Lawhini.
Flash flew away from the backyard, and he found Lawhini in an empty Subway station.

Flash caught Lawhini and said 'You did not know about my X ray eyes, and that's why I escaped so quickly!' and then was Flash taking Lawhini to the police station, and flew against Roosevelt Island.

Flash arrived in Nimnuls laboratory building on Roosevelt Island, and as Flash entered the laboratory, was he searching for the room where the Rangers were captured.

The dog found Gadget and her friends in a room, where they was captured in something that looked like a old dog pound, and Gadget said 'Flash! Good to see you! That mad scientist wanted us as a part of his experiment!'

Flash freed the Rangers by destroying the locked doors with his x ray eyes, but Nimnul rushed into the room, and said 'Not you again Flash! I spied you with my cameras, and then I thought I would give you a surprise!'

Nimnul took a small Kryptonite stone up from his pocket, and Flash lost his power, while Chip and Dale tried to take the rock away from Nimnul.

Chip got Nimnul beaten out, while Dale took the Kryptonite stone and took it to Nimnul's laboratory, and in the meanwhile was Flash slowly getting his power back, and he said 'Let's get away from here before Nimnul awakes again!'

As Flash got up on his legs again, was they running away from the laboratory, and as they relaxed by a harbor on Roosevelt Island, was Gadget saying 'Nimnul would had given us evil telephatic forces just like he gave Lawhini and Fat Cat!'

Gadget said 'The professor was easy to defeat, but it was just a test before we have to face Lawhini and Fat Cat!'
Later on that day in the TV studio was Flash and the Rangers watching a recorded broadcast with Lawhini.

Five cops tried to stop her after a robbery in a bank on Wall Street, and Lawhini used her telephatic blast to throw them up against a wall that got destroyed.

A recorded broadcast with Fat Cat got shown, and he used his strength to remove the weapons from the cops and blow them up against their police car.

Gadget said 'We can't fight them alone, and now we need both Dodger and his dog gang to fight both Lawhini and Fat Cat!'

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