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NEWS 02/06 2024:

So. It's been 21 years since I created this website, give and take a few months.
The website is now old enough to drink, fancy that!
It's also been 17 years since I last updated anything, and why would I? The site is basically a monument to how the internet looked in the early 00's, and isn't that a bit fun? Still, I thought I should give a reason to re-index the site.

What has changed?
First off, I have to write this thing in pure HTML. Great from a security standpoint since it makes the site pretty much impossible to hack, pain in the behind when it comes to updating. That said, I made more changes than I had thought I would.
Added an actual title that tells people what the site's about. Hey, it's been 21 years. Better late than never amirite?
I removed the chatroom links. They've been dead for more than a decade, so why keep them?
Archived the decades old news.
Changed the wording on... Almost everything below. Let's face it, my English has improved slightly in the past twenty years. This looks better.
I considered removing my E-mail, because I'm pretty sure it's on every spam-list known to man (and bot). Then again, since they have it already why bother removing it?
I removed the disclaimer on people I haven't been able to contact. It's been 20 years. If they haven't complained by now they never will.
I removed the anoying warning about NeoBats stories on the main page. Still keeping it on the actual author link, because now I think it's funny.
Finally, I added Rhyme and Reason, as well as Soul Searching. Two stories by Michael Demcio. I'd probably rate this as the best story on the site, and I finally cheated and added it just as .txt files since he used a lot of varied formatting for emphasis. Way more than can be conveyed by traditional italics, bold and underline. Looks a bit silly on a modern screen, but it'd take hours to edit it, so I think you'll have to live with the original format.

Unrelated: A "not really news" section:
It really is facinating how internet has changed in these 20 years. Global community systems such as Facebook and Reddit has completely killed smaller gatherings online.
I remember how in the early 2000's, you could find websites and forums about all kinds of obscure subjects. Now it's all been gobbled up by huge websites and in doing that, it seems like the smaller communities has in many ways vanished.
But I suppose others have cropped up instead, and let's face it, it's been 35 years since Rescue Rangers had its debute. Usenet was still a thing back then, and that's when we got the above mentioned Rhyme and Reason created by Michael Demcio. If you by some magic read this, go read that fiction. It really is the best you can find on this site.

Well! That's all for this time. Let's see if it takes another decade or two before I update again.

For decades old news, check out the news archive.


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