Welcome To Manhattan - Part One

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Guest stars: Scamp, Buster, Angel & Tramp (Lady & The Tramp II)

Foreword: This fic is inspired by the movie Gangs Of New York.

PG rated


South Street Seaport, New York City - November 1929

Hundreds of cats, and hundreds of mice's and rats, was gathered in a big gang war, where the mice's gang leader Johnatan Brisby was killed under the battle.
The gang leader of the cats, that was Fat Cat, and his sidekick Shere Khan, was arrested after the gang war, but they escaped from the jail, and they was captured in their jazz club in New Orleans in December 1929.

New York City - The 1st July 1930

Jenner 'The Butcher' lead a lawless rat gang in Central Park, and at night, was they coming out from their hide, and made robberies, assaulted people on the streets, and raged the Subway stations.
Justin 'Amsterdam', was the leader of a homeless gang of street performers, who lived in a ghetto in Bronx, and they had a war with Jenner and his gang.
The pickpocket Mrs. Brisby, who lived together with her two kids Cynthia and Martin in the same ghetto in Bronx, was in love with Justin.
Jenner had killed Justin's father, and Justin wanted revenge over Jenner, before he killed his friends, and other family members, that he had left.
Gadget Hackwrench, Chip, Dale, Monty, Zipper, Foxglove and Tammy lived in an old apartment in Little Odessa on Coney Island, and their neighbors in the other apartment, was the two mice's Bernard and Bianca, and the Mousekewitz family.
Gadgets homeless brother Tony lived in a closed Subway in Little Italy with his girlfriend Bridget, and the dogs Scamp, Angel, Buster & Tramp.
Chip saw the news on TV, as the speaker said 'Jenner 'The Butcher' had kidnapped the female mouse Trixie in her house in Gramercy Park, the kidnapping happened this evening, and eyewitnesses should contact the police.'
The speaker continued 'Jenner and his lawless gang are armed and dangerous, and they are wanted in every state.'
Gadget said 'They had captured my cousin!' Chap said 'And it may be too dangerous to try to free her!' and Chip said 'Not if we contact Flash and his dog friends!'

The 2nd July 1930

Bernard, Bianca, Jake, Faloo, Tony, Bridget, Miko and Max was dancing in The Rainbow Room's nightclub, and Bernard and Bianca got disturbed by a servant bug, who said 'Excuse me! But I have a message to you!'
Bernard and Bianca read about the news about Trixie, and Bianca said 'We have to go to the circus in Central Park tomorrow!' Bernard asked 'Why visit the circus?' and Bianca said 'Jenner's and his gang had captured Trixie in the circus!'
Gadget, Chip, Dale, Monty, Zipper, Foxglove, Tammy, Bernard, Bianca, Faloo and Jake visited the circus, who stood on The Mall, and it was one of America's greatest travelling circuses, who was owned by the mouse pair Timmy and Jenny.
After the show ended in the evening, was Gadget gathering her friends in Timmy and Jenny's wagon, and she said 'Me, Timmy, Chip, Dale, Monty, Zipper, Foxglove, Faloo, Jenny and Jake have to fight Jenner and his gang, while Tammy and Bianca must free Trixie!'
In the meanwhile, as the heroes sneaked up against the circus tent, was Jenner having fun with tying Trixie to a ramp in the circus arena, where his gang sat and watched, how Jenner was shooting knives around Trixie, and Jenner said 'The police won't free you here!'
Timmy broke in, and said 'Stop it Jenner! You worked in my circus, until you got in jail, for kidnapping my girlfriend Jenny, and now you have taken Trixie!' and Brutus said 'And now I want to overtake this circus, and get you and Jenny out of my way!'
As Jenner began to fight Timmy, was Gadget, Chip, Dale, Monty, Zipper, Jenny, Foxglove, Faloo and Jake entering the circus arena, and began to fight with Jenner and his gang, and under the battle, was Tammy and Bianca freed Trixie, and took her out of the circus arena.
Jake got Jenner beaten down, but Brutus wounded Jake, and as Foxglove took care of Jake, took Timmy his slingshot, and got Brutus shot down with a big stone.
Gadget, Chip, Dale, Timmy, Monty, Zipper, Jenny and Faloo tried to hold Jenner's gang away, as Tammy and Bianca took Trixie back to her home, and under the battle, was Jenner awaking, and Timmy said to Gadget 'Jenner is escaping!'
Gadget said 'Just let him go! We are having trouble enough here!' and as the battle ended, where many of Jenner's gang members laid unconscious, and others had ran away, said Gadget to her friends 'Now, let's get away as quick as possible from Central Park!'
The next day in Justin's home, was Gadget telling Justin about the battle in Central Park the last night, said Justin 'Me and my wife will fight Jenner alone! He is more dangerous than you know!'
Justin continued 'Jenner is told to have escaped to Brooklyn, and he is often visiting a pub, that is owned by his eldest friend Sullivan! I'm going out there tonight, and only me and Mrs. Brisby know how to stop that guy!'
Justin and Mrs. Brisby took the subway to Brooklyn in the evening, and as they entered Sullivan's pub, was Justin and Mrs. Brisby meeting Scamp, Buster, Angel & Tramp, Dodger and Rita.
Justin said to Dodger 'Hi Dodger!' Dodger said Hi Justin! We know you and your girlfriend, and we know why you came here!'
Dodger continued 'You are both searching for Jenner, right?' Justin said 'That is right!' and Rita said 'Stay careful! Your friends fought Jenner and his gang last night!'
Rita continued 'He is seeking revenge on you and your friends, and he will kill everybody, who stands in his way!' and Dodger said 'As you and Mrs. Brisby fights Jenner, will we help you in the final fight against the evil rats tomorrow!'

Part Two

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