The Dogs Gangs Of New York - Directors Cut

A Disney Multi Crossover

PG rated

Foreplay - New York City 1930

A ship full of thousands emigrants from Europe, arrived at Ellis Island a early morning, and as the emigrants, who came out from the ship with their bags, did go into the toll building, where they got their papers filled out, and took out to their new homes in the big city.

New York City - Independence Day 1988

It was morning in NYC, Independence Day had arrived, inside and outside the big city, the traffic was busy, underneath in the tunnels, and up on the bridges.

People was making picnic baskets, and they was taking out to the many parks of the overcrowded city, where people was lining up on 5th Avenue, to watch the yearly, and noisy parade.

The famous street dog pair Buster and her mate, worked in a circus in summer with their gang The Trashcan Dogs from the backyards in Harlem, but they was also up against their rivals, who was the cat Oliver, the dog Dodger, and their own gang, called The Artful Gang, that lived in Brooklyn.

The female mouse Gadget Hackwrench, who was living together in Brooklyn with the German Shepherd Flash, that was an famous movie actor.

Gadget wrote in her diary 'My role in the musical Chicago went well, me and my friends from the musical, is going to London next week on a vacation.

We're going to watch a musical, watch a movie, who is having sneak premiere in London's biggest cinema, sail out to Greenwich, and many other exciting things.'

New York City's worst group of gangsters, who had the rich Mafia Fat Cat as leader, was living in New Italy, and they was wanted for robberies in bank and casinos, and killing of innocent mice's, and they very often in front of New York City's newspaper.

Gadget and her friends from The Artful Gang took out to see the big 4th Of July parade on 5th Avenue, the streets was overcrowded, and it was boiling hot, one of the warmest days in NY that summer.

Todd, Copper, Vixie, Bernard and Bianca was starring in the parade, and they was all sitting in a old horse wagon, that was dragged by Frou Frou.

After Gadget, Oliver and the dogs had taken long a rest on the big lawn in Central Park, and played with a yellow balloon they got from Toys R Us, they all took up on the top of the World Trade center, as it got dark, where they watched the amazing fireworks over the big city.

The dog Babs, had become a world famous jazz star, and she and her band, that was Scat Cat and his friends, was holding a big outdoor 4th of July concert in a crowded harbor by Battery Park with the New York Philharmonics, and Duchess and Baloo and Bagheera as guest stars.

The young and blonde actress from Flash The Wonderdog, Fawn Deer, and their redheaded girlfriend Roxanne, was walking up to Fawn's apartment in Little Italy, after a Independence Day party at the local discoteque, as they heard something move around them in the half dark yard.

Fat Cat's two sidekicks came out from their hide behind a container, and they said 'Would you ladies please give us your purses!', but they got interrupted by Flash, who came by and saved the three girls, that cheered at the dog, who chased the criminals away.

The blonde girl said 'Thanks for the help my dear friend!', and hugged the dog, that said 'Nice to see you girls again! These criminal guys would not confront me the next time they see me again!'.

One week later, Gadget flew to London with Chip, Dale, Monty and Zip, while Flash stayed home, and take a heroic care of his home city.

Fat Cat hired more men, as he couldn't use his two stubborn sidekicks alone, and soon, New York City's newspapers was filled with stories about Fat Cat's new men, who even Flash couldn't chase.

So one day, Flash contacted both The Artful Gang, and The Trashcan Gang, the two gangs wouldn't work together at the beginning, but under a meeting at Dodger's nightclub, he said 'Listen up, folks! We two gangs do it the nice way, but Fat Cat and his gang does it with violence!'.

Dodger continued 'So, from this day on, there will be no more fighting between us two gangs, and as we go together as The Wonder Gang, I and Buster had decided that we both own my nightclub, so we can make it bigger and better!', and then, all the dogs cheered loudly.

Dodger said to Flash 'I think you need a little holiday after your hard work.', and Flash said 'That's just what I needed! I'm flying on a trip to the Niagara falls, where I can be by myself, while you and your gang is taking care of the bad guys.'

Pongo, who lived with Perdita in a big house in the heart of Bronx, turned up the radio, as the speaker, who was the wolf Rama, said 'While Flash, The Wonderdog had taken on his vacation today, the new freedom fighter gang, called The Wondergang, is fighting Fat Cat and his gang.

After Ofra Haza's Im Nin Alu, there is a commercial break, and after that, Sting's Englishman In New York'.


Gadget and her friends, who had flied to London aboard a Concorde, was in Royal Albert Hall an evening, after a dinner in Harrod's, and they watched 'Cats' with Duchess in the main role.

In the break, Gadget and her friends was having a drink in the theatre café, and after the show, they talked with Duchess and Thomas O'malley backstage.

The next evening, Gadget and her friends took out in a cinema on Tottenham Court Road, and watched 'The Land Before Time'.

Gadget and her friends sailed out to Greenwich, and later in the evening, after a dinner in a restaurant by Picadilly Circus, they saw the illuminated city up above from a helicopter, and on their last day in London, they went out to see Kew Gardens.

New York City

Back in NYC, Flash had returned, and Buster said to Flash 'You showed up at the right time, Fat Cat and his men had invaded Rama's quarter in Harlem, where he and his girlfriend lives together with the red dogs, let's go there!'.

As the heroes arrived in Harlem, Fat Cat himself and his gang was gathered in a backyard, and Fat Cat said 'Welcome back Flash! It's just you that I needed, to make you to cat food!'

One of Fat Cat's gang members said 'Man you have really gathered many new friends!', and Flash shouted 'That's enough! Stop all the talk, and fight like men!'.

Then the fight began, Flash came fought Fat Cat, while the others took care of the other gang members, and as Rita got beat down, Dodger threw the gang member, who did it, against the wall.

Fat cat escaped in the fight, while some of the gang members ran away, the heroes was glad the fight over, and Rama came and said 'Thanks Flash and, your friends for saving our life!', Flash said 'Meet us at midnight at World Trade Center!', and then Flash and his gang took home.

At night, The Wonder Gang met with Rama and his girl by World Trade Center, where they got a drink in The Windows Of The World, and they visited the Ritz nightclub thereafter, and the drunk animals went first home at 5 AM.

The next evening, Fat Cat and his gang met with The Wonder Gang in a little nightclub in Harlem, Fat Cat said 'Look what we got here friends!', and took Buster's mate Rosa over to him, Buster said 'You let her go, now!', and Fat Cat said 'Don't do anything wrong, if you wan to see her alive!'.

Buster said 'I had enough!', and attacked Fat Cat, that released Rosa, that helped her friends in the fight against Fat Cat's gang.

Soon the nightclub looked like a battlefield, as the two gangs collided, Fat Cat's gang escaped, and Buster shouted 'Flash, Tramp, Rosa, Dodger, Rita, Speedy, come along with us!', while the lawless gang ran down to the harbor, with the dogs behind them.

The Tramp fought against Fat Cat, while the others was in the fight against his other gang members, and many of them ended in the water.

Suddenly, Einstein came too, and he pushed Fat Cat down in the water, and Fat Cat shouted 'Stupid dogs! That's it!', as three police cars stopped at the harbor, Fat Cat got helped up, and got arrested.

The day after, The Wonder Gang was in front of NYC's newspapers, but the gang wasn't finished with their missions yet, there was still so much to in their home city.

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