New Millennium Rescue Rangers

A RR / Sonic The Hedgehog crossover fan fic

PG rated

New York City - The 28th December 2999

Sally was visiting her family members Chip and Dale in New York City, and Rouge the bat was visiting her sister Foxglove.
Sally and Rogue got caught by Robotnik and Professor Nimnul, who had kept Sally and Rogue as hostages on the twentieth floor in their skyscraper in Brooklyn, and Chip, Dale, Gadget and Flash had decided to free them.
Chip, Dale, Gadget, Foxglove and Flash was gathered in The Acorn Cafe, where they talked about how to free Sally from Fat Cat and Robotnik.
Chip said 'Me and Flash had decided to fight Robotnik's SWAT bots, and Dale said 'Me, Foxglove and Gadget must fight Robotnik and Fat Cat, and try to free Sally, but we must be quick, Robotnik told he is going to robotizise Sally!'
Chip, Dale and Gadget flew to Robotnik's skyscraper in their airship, while Flash and Foxglove flew beside them, and as they arrived in the cellar under the skyscraper, was they taking the elevator up to the floor, where Robotnik had his laboratory.
As the elevator door opened, was Flash and Chip attacking the robot guards, and in the meanwhile, was Dale, Foxglove and Gadget rushing to the gate to the laboratory, and Gadget said 'I have to destroy the lock! I can't open the gate!'
Gadget destroyed the lock with her screw diver, and as the gate opened, said Robotnik 'Welcome to our laboratory!' Professor Nimnul said 'I think you came to be some of our new experiments!' and Dale said 'No! We came to free our family members!'
While Dale and Foxglove attacked Robotnik and the professor, was Gadget freeing Sally and Rouge, and Sally said 'You came at last! I'm so glad to see you!', and Rouge said 'Even if you rescued us, are we far from finished with the SWAT bots, they can be all over the city!'
Gadget said 'Let's help Dale and Foxglove! They won't have the change to win over Robotnik and the professor alone!'
Gadget grabbed Professor Nimnul's legs, so he felt, and got beaten unconcius, Rogue and Dale fought Robotnik, and Sally short circuited the computers and the machines.
Robotnik who threw Dale away, escaped under the fight, he took the elevator up the rooftop, where his Egg Carrier stood, and Sally said 'Robotnik escaped, but me and Rogue got freed, thanked being The Rescue Rangers!'
Chip and Flash entered the lab, and Chip said 'We have to get away! More of SWAT bots is on the way!', and then was Chip and his friends rushing back to the elevator, and took the elevator down to the cellar.
As the professor awoke, and saw that the animals had escaped, and that the computers and the machines was destroyed, was he thinking 'Those smart animals ran away! But Robotnik will get the rid of them with his new super SWAT bots!'.
Home at Chip, Dale and Gadget, was Gadget finding files on Gadget's computer about Robotnik's Australian hideout.
Sally said 'Robotnik is steering his super SWAT bots from his hideout in Sydney with his super computer, and it must be destroyed, before the two bad guys, and the super SWAT bots is overtaking the whole city under the millennium celebrations!'
Sally continued 'The super SWAT bots can only explode, if the super computer is going to be destroyed, and we have six days to do that!'
Gadget called Tails up, who was in Sydney, Gadget said 'Hi Tails!' Tails said 'Hi Gadget! Nice to hear from you again!', and Gadget said 'Robotnik is planning to release his new super SWAT bots at 0.00 AM, the 31st December!'
Gadget said 'Robotnik, Nimnul, The super SWAT bots will make New York City their capital, and get the rid of us too!', and Tails asked 'How can we destroy the robots?' and Gadget said 'We have to destroy Robotnik's hideout, that is hidden somewhere in Sydney!'
Tails asked 'Who will take with you on the mission?' Gadget said 'Flash and Sally had told me they will take with me! We are planning to leave tomorrow!' and Chip said to Gadget 'I'm going with you!'
Dale said to Tails 'Me, Foxglove and Rogue must stay in New York City, and watch out for Professor Nimnul! He must be more mad than before, after we had knocked him down, and destroyed his machines and computers!'
In the evening was Chip, Dale, Gadget, Foxglove, Rogue, Sally and Flash having dinner in Chinatown, and then they visited Cotton Club.
The next day was Chip, Dale, Gadget, Foxglove, Rogue and Sally watching a DVD movie with Flash and Thunderbolt, who had made a movie trilogy together, and played a new Sonic The Hedgehog game on Gadget's computer.
Later on in the evening, was Gadget, Chip, Sally and Flash taking to the airport, where they got aboard their Airbus, who flew to Sydney.

Sydney - The 29th December 2999

As Gadget, Chip, Sally and Flash got home at Tails, who lived in a skyscraper by Kings Cross, asked Sally her computer 'Where is Robotnik's hideout?', and the computer said 'Robotnik's robot factory is lying in The Rocks.'
The computer continued 'Robotnik is remote controlling his super SWAT bots from that building with his super computer! Stay careful when fighting the super SWAT bots, they are much stronger, and more intelligent than Robotnik's first SWAT bots''


Gadget, Chip, Sally, Tails and Flash walked through a big factory hall, where an army of over hundreds of super SWAT bots stood, and as Gadget and her friends entered Robotnik's room, was Robotnik not there, and Gadget said 'Watch out! He can show up at any time!'
Sally studied the super computer, that was an advanced touch screen computer, and Sally found information about the computer by using her own computer, that said 'Robotnik had build a timer inside the computer, who is going to release the robots tomorrow!'
While Sally and Gadget tried to destroy the computer, and find the timer, was Flash saying 'I can hear somebody is coming, and it's not Robotnik!' and Chip said 'It may be something more worse! We have to prepare for a fight!'
The gate to the computer room opened, and a Metal Sonic rolled into the room, and Sally, Tails and Flash attacked the robot, while Chip and Gadget found the timer, who was a micro chip, and Gadget destroyed it.
Sally got beaten by the robot, she felt on her back, and as Gadget took care of her, was Chip helping Flash and Tails in the fight against the Metal Sonic, who rolled out in the factory hall.
Flash used his super blow, and he blew the Metal Sonic up against the wall, and the Tails destroyed the robot.
As Gadget, Chip, Sally and Flash reached the factory exit, was Robotnik opening the gate, and Sally said 'Thanked being my computer, was we able to find your building!'
Sally continued 'We destroyed your computer, and as you can see, was Flash defeating your Metal Sonic!' Robotnik said 'Just you wait! You won't escape alive!', and then was Tails attacking Robotnik.
Robotnik punched Flash out, and Tails said 'I'm going to get you!', but Robotnik ran away, and got up in his Egg Carrier and Chip said 'Poor Flash! Robotnik was too strong, and he got away!'
Sally said 'But we stopped Robotnik and Nimnuls dooms day project in time! They are going to spend long time with their next evil projects!'
As Flash awoke, was he asking 'Where did Robotnik go?' Tails said 'He escaped! But our mission is finished!' and Flash said 'Great! I really need a rest after this battle!', and then was Gadget and her friends taking home to Tails

New York City - The 31th December 2999

Gadget, Chip, Sally and Flash returned to New York City the next morning, and they celebrated the millennium with Flash's blonde girlfriend, who lived in an apartment in Gramercy Park, and Monterey Jack, Tammy and Zipper came to the party too.
Flash pumped some blue and round giant balloons up, that was sprayed with white stars, and Sally was tying knots on the huge balloon.
Monty decorated the table, while Flash, Chip and Dale, and there was jazz music from Flash's mini disc player.
Later on in the evening, after Gadget and her friends had their new years eve dinner, was the animals and the girl watching the millennium celebrations around the globe on TV.
At midnight was Gadget and her friends standing on the rooftop, and watched the fireworks over the city, and thereafter was they dancing to the music from the local radio station, who played the music of the millennium, and the party ended first early in the morning.

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