Flash, The Wonder Dog 80's Adventure

Foreword: This story is happening one year after the RR episode called Flash, The Wonder Dog

Outer space

Flash, The Wonder Dog, was flying home with the speed of light to Earth, after a mission on Mars, home to Chicago.

Chicago, at the end of November 1983

That was the ending of Flash's first movie, called 'The Wonders Of Flash', that was shown at the opening premiere in Chicago's biggest cinema, and the audience stood up and cheered.

Chap, who was one of the biggest idols of Flash, said to the dog 'You're going to be famous all over the world with that movie! Maybe it's going to be your first Academy Award!'.

After a press meeting, and a dinner on the top of Sears Tower, Flash and his friends visited a nearby nightclub, and they first came home at 4 AM.

'The Wonders Of Flash', was filmed in one of the biggest film studios in New York City, it was one of the most expensive sci-fi movies, and the theme song was sung by Gadget.

The Golden Globe Awards '85

'The Wonders Of Flash' didn't win any of it's four prizes at The Golden Globe Awards, Chap who was easy with being upset, had a discussion with Flash, but Gadget parted them.

L.A. 'March '85

'And the winner is Flash for his role in The Wonders Of Flash!', Flash was really surprised that he won the Oscar statuette for best male role.

Flash said in his speech 'Thanks to the Academy for this prize, the film crew in Chicago, Gadget, Chip and Chap, and my many idols!'.

After the Oscar ceremony, Gadget danced with Flash two times, Sade's 'Smooth Operator' was played many times that night, Flash and his friends drank champagne, and chatted with the famous actors.

The movie with Flash didn't win the price for best movie, but Flash had his paws printed at Mann's Chinese Theatre.

But nobody knew that Fat Cat was living in the same hotel, where Flash, Chip, Chap, and Gadget also was.

Fat Cat said to his men the next day 'So, Flash won one of the big prizes last night! I'm gonna make him loose everything, before he catches us!'

Flash and his friends spend their last three day in L.A., with visiting Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and Universal Studios.

Italy - December 1985

Flash, and his old friends Collie (From 101 Dalmatians), was starring in their first movie together, an Italian western called 'Deserted Roads', that was filmed all around Italy.

'Deserted Roads', who was the most expensive Italian movie, had the inspiration of the bible, with Flash as a modern Moses, and Collie like a modern Ramses, Gadget was a guest star, and the press wrote 'This is could be a sequel to Heavens Gate'.

Fat Cat was dressed up like one of the actors in the movie, and under the recording, Fat Cat took Flash from behind, took of his dress, dragged the dog away, and the producer said 'Hey! Fat Cat should not star in this movie! He is trying to ruin it! Police! Police!'.

Gadget and her friends ran to the rescue, they jumped up in Fat Cat's stolen car, Monty crashed a window in the car, pushed Fat Cat out of the car, and took over the steering.

Monty tied up the ropes, that the dog was bounded in, and Flash said 'Thanks my friends', and rushed back to the movie studio.

While Fat Cat, who sat all alone on a hilltop in nomansland, shouted 'You gonna pay for that you morons!', and soon the cat got caught by the police, and Flash's recording of the rest of the movie went on without problems.

Flash and his friends saw the sneak preview of 'Deserted Roads' in a overfilled movie theater in Rome, and Gadget had made the theme song again, and this time with an italian folk band.

The day after the movie was shown, Flash and his friends took on a river cruise to the a Spanish island.

The animals got dinner on a restaurant on the top of a mountain in a forest, and thereafter, Chip, Chap, Flash, Zip and Gadget played in the big forest with a long, red and hot dog formed balloon, that Gadget had blown up.

Cannes - May 1986

It rained and thundered, as Flash and his friend arrived at the airport in Cannes, Gadget and Chip both got a cold, Chap got lost in the big crowd, as they shopped in the tax free shop, but they all came safe down to their hotel at the harbor.

'Deserted Roads', who was two hour long, became a big success, everybody thought it would fail, and thanked being Gadget and her friends, Flash got freed from Fat Cat, so he could finish his work.

'Deserted Roads' got both nominated for the Audiences Prize, and best actor, and Duchess, her kittens, and Thomas O'malley was some of the many known stars, that came to watch the world premiere of 'Deserted Roads', that was called the best Italian western of the century.

After the movie, that was introduced by the dog Napoleon, Flash and his friends gladly left the cinema room, while the audience told how happy they was with the movie, and Flash and his friends also saw 'Basil Mouse', who also was nominated for best actor.

Basil, Olivia, Flash and other the stars got dinner in the nearby movie café, where there was served wine at the nicely decorated tables, and at midnight, the stars went out to a casino, where they played on the slot machines.

Gadget and Flash danced together again in the casino's nightclub, while Erasure's 'Oh L'amour' got played.

The next day, Gadget and her friends took out to the beach, where Gadget, Chip, Zip and Flash was playing with a big punch-ball, while Chap and Monty played volleyball, while Glenn Frey's 'Boys Of Summer' got played on Gadget's cassette

Flash was of course really nervous, as the prizes should be dealt out on that big evening, but as Flash won the prize for best actor, Flash felt a big ease, and he said in his speech 'Thanks! I'm deeply touched! I never thought this movie would be so big!'.

There was a loud cheering, as 'Deserted Roads' won the Audiences Prize, and Flash had to cry a little in the arms of Gadget, and after a press meeting, there was a big outdoor beach party, with a Brazilian carnival theme.

Paris - May 1986

Flash and Gadget got married in the Sacre Ceur church on Montmatre after the movie festival in Cannes, and the wedding party was held in the café on the top of the Montparnasse Tower, and Chap and Gadget took on a wedding journey to Hawaii, where new adventures awaited.

After the vacation, a sequel to 'The Wonders Of Flash' began to be filmed in both Rotterdam and Bruxelles.

The Big Anniversary Party

This year is it twenty years ago that Secret of NIMH was released, it is also ten years ago that An American Tail II was released.
On that occasion, did Mrs. Brisby, her kids, and Timmy's girlfriend Jenny, Fievel, Tanya, and her boyfriend, the sheriff dog Wylie Burp, and Gadget Hackwrench take to Paris.
After Brisby and her friends had spend their first part of the holiday in Disneyland Paris, that also had ten years anniversary, they took back to Hotel Belfast in Paris with a load of Disney souvenirs and Mickey Mouse latex balloons, and then they planned to take the train to Cannes the next day.
It was the day after the Cannes festival has ended, where Brisby and her friends had arrived, and they saw Spirit, Stallion Of Cimarron in the cinema, where the movie prizes was dealt out.
The two families and Gadget got dinner in a family restaurant called 'Hippotamus', where the kids got some helium balloons to play with, and they visited Cannes' biggest casino in the evening, where they tried the slot machines, the roulettes, and shared a bottle of champagne.
Brisby and her friends celebrated their big anniversary party in the Paris nightclub called Lido the next evening, and the big crowd of fans and press people cheered up, as the mice's and the dogs got out of their Limousines.
After a quick interview with the press, and a photo session, Brisby and her friends entered the nightclub, where there was a big show, that was dedicated to the Brisby and the Mouskevitz families, and after the show, did the mice's and the dog dance to their favorite 80's music.
Gadget, Mrs. Brisby and Wylie Burp was drunk, and the two families had the time of their life that unforgettable night, where thousands of party dressed guests filled the big, and illuminated dance floor.
The party ended early in the morning with a balloon drop, where twenty-five white and round giant balloons felt down on the crowded dance floor, to the sound of Nena's '99 Luftballons'.
The two families awoke with a aching head the next day, but they was also happy that the party went well, and at midnight, they took a taxi out to the Charles De Gaulle Airport, where they flew home to America.

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