Chicago 2500

A Star Wars Trilogy parody with Rescue Rangers, Secret Of NIMH 1 & 2 & Sonic The Hedgehog characters

Guest stars: Don Karnage, Connie & Dalmatian (Rover Dangerfield) & The female mouse dancer from Basil The Mouse Detective

The PG rated version of the NC 17 rated version

Foreplay: Princess Gadget of England, who was about to record a holographic message to the droid R2D2, was taken as a hostage by Don Karnage, and taken up in the Sears Tower, that The Cat Empire had taken over.

Rocky Mountains - Year 2500

Out in the wilderness, was Chip, Chap, Monty and Gadget living as droid traders and computer operators, the two droids C3PO and R2D2 was been caught in the wilderness, and taken aboard a big truck, that stopped at the Rescue Rangers house.
Chip, who took care of the newly arrived droids, and he decided to buy C3PO and R2D2, and Chap did think that those was the most entertaining droids he had met.
As Chip cleaned R2D2, and pushed on a button, did the message come up, and Gadget talked about a old rat called Nicodemus, and Chip wanted to meet Nicodemus, but Chap said 'That would be madness to find him!', but Chip was fully decided to leave anyway.
Chip and the two droids did take out in the wilderness, there they got surprised by Dragon, and his army of wild cats, Chip got beaten down, but Nicodemus came, and frightened them away, and as Chip awoke, did he ask Chip 'What are you doing here?'.
Chip said 'I'm searching for a rat called Nicodemus!', Nicodemus said 'That man you searching, is me, it's amazing that people will go that long way to meet me!', and then did Chip go home with Nicodemus, where Chip showed the holograph.
As Chip talked about freeing Gadget, did Nicodemus give Chip a lightsword, told him how to use it, and how to become a Jedi knight, and as Chip felt something was wrong at his home, did he rush home.
The whole building was burnt down, Chap cried, and Monty said 'Don Karnage and his men came by, they burned this place down, and escaped as quick as possible!', Chip asked 'What should we do now?', and Chap said 'We must go to Las Vegas, and meet my friends there!'.

Las Vegas

The big gambling town was filled with lawless types, few tourists dared to enter Las Vegas because of the violence and the robberies, that the many gangs made, and as the evening felt over the city, did Chip and his friends arrive outside Las Vegas.
The heroes visited the nightclub in Circus Circus, where they met Tails, Justin and Brutus by the bar, and under a alcohol free drink, that Tails gave, told he about his new spaceship, that would fly to them Sears Tower in Chicago.
It was a spaceship Tails had won from Justin, and as Justin sat by himself by the bar, did he meet the bounty hunter Robotnik.
Robotnik had a gun in his hands, and said to Justin 'You are wanted for spying at Fat Kat and his friends, just you wait till Don Karnage gets you!', then Justin got Robotnik beaten down, and rushed out of the nightclub, where Skat Cat and his band began to play again.
Tails, Zip, Foxglove, Chip, Chap, a Dalmatian, and his girlfriend, a young and female mouse with white fur visited the blonde show girl Connie's room, that was made into a balloon room, with fifty crystal clear giant balloons of all shapes
Justin and Brutus visited the many casinos, Nicodemus enjoyed a drink in a nightclub, and in Connie's balloon room, played Tails, Zip and Foxglove with a red and round giant balloon, that was covered with stars, and the two chipmunks had fun with a huge red snow doll balloon.
Connie and the dog played with three yellow and round giant balloons, and Chip and Chap found two long, red and striped worker balloons, that they rode on, and threw over to each other.
As Chip and his friends got out on the streets, did they got followed by Don Karnage's spies, but the heroes got away from the spies, and aboard Tails' spaceship, and Tails flied to Chicago.


The heroes arrived at the heavy guarded Sears Tower, where Chip, Chap, Foxglove, Justin, Brutus, Zip, R2D2 and C3PO tried to find the captured princess, while Nicodemus searched after Don Karnage.
Nicodemus took an elevator down to a computer central under the tower, where he met Don Karnage, Chip and all his friends was in a fight with the guards, and at last they found the princess, and took the elevator down to the computer central.
While the droids, the chipmunks and Gadget fought the guards, was Nicodemus and Don Karnage fought with their light swords, all the guards got defeated, but Nicodemus got killed by Don Karnage, and Nicodemus' body vanished.
Chip and his friends rushed away from the building, and got aboard their spaceship, where Gadget comforted Chip, then they flew home, and began to rebuild their home.

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