Autumn In Washington DC & NY (The day before 9 - 11- 2001)

A Capitol Critters / American Tale / Balto I & II / All Dogs Go To Heaven I & II multi crossover

Guest star:Gadget Hackwrench

The White House - The 10th September 2001

Max and his family got a short visit by Gadget, the Mousekewitz family, Miss Kitty and Tiger the 10th September, and Max and his family took with the Mousekewitz family on a shopping tour in Washington DC.
Fievel said 'It's been long time since we've been here, it was new years eve 1999.', and Gadget said 'It's also been a while since we visited you in New York City, so we have planned to come and visit you on Thanksgiving Day.'
The two families and Gadget returned at The White House late in the evening, after the families had visited a casino, and Trixie said 'It's a shame you won't stay here longer, we could do so much together!', and Father Mousekewitz said 'We have a performance to do in Lincoln Center tomorrow.'.

World Trade Center - New York City - The 10th September 2001

Balto, Jenna, Aleu, Charlie, Itchy and Sasha La Fleur was standing on the top of the World Trade Center, and enjoining the view.
The dogs was invited to dinner up in the tower by Flo, who had moved to New York City for few yeas ago, and it was the last time, that the dogs came up on World Trade Center's top.
Balto and her friends, had visited a Blockbuster store, where they watched 'Land Before Time 7' on a big screen outside the store, and the dinosaurs Rex, Elsa, Dweeb and Woog, from 'We're Back, A Dinosaur's Story', did also come to the show.
In the evening, as the dogs came back to their airport hotel, did Aleu say 'I have this vision, that World Trade Center won't stand there anymore tomorrow.', and Balto said 'Why won't it stand there anymore?', and Aleu said 'Something will hit the towers, and only ruins would be left.'.
Charlie said 'Sounds like really bad news, I'm glad we're leaving this town tomorrow!', and Jenna said 'God help us, if this prophecy comes true!'.

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